Beach Wrestling World Series 2021 - Photo Selection

Here's my selection of 'Best moments' from the UWW Beach Wrestling World Series. A premiere for me as well as for 2021 World Series. Off to a great start on the sandy beach of Saint Laurent du Var - Nice FRA. The goal was to produce content and upload it directly to UWW Beach Wrestling's Instagram account as 'Stories' throughout the day to capture the vibe of such event.

You can find the posts here for DAY 1 and DAY 2

Results was a mix of all kinds of formats from Iphone videos/timelapses to these photos from SONY A7iii with Tamron 28-200mm. Find the edited photos below. More on the edit later, cheers.

Thanks to Katrin from Strobl Kommunikation and UWW Beach Wrestling World Series.

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